Poly SA is a social and support group for people in South Australia who are open to engaging in multiple, loving relationships at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Read more about Polyamory here. The best way to get involved in PolySA is to join one (or both) of our Facebook groups

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What types of events do we host?

PolySA Social

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Hosted on the last Friday of each month (except December). This is our biggest event, it’s held in the CBD in a casual, social setting. Perfect for new members as a first event. It’s also family friendly. There is no attendance fee for this event. Details are hosted in our private Facebook page, and on this website.


PolySA Family

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Hosted irregularly, this event is held at public parks or child-friendly cafes. While all members are welcome, these event has a family focus so that members with children can meet other polyamorous families in a child-friendly setting. There is no attendance fee for this event. Details are only posted in our private Facebook group.


PolySA Touch

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Hosted irregularly, this event encourages touch/cuddle/hug interactions. It is held in a private home and run by an experienced facilitator, in order to ensure a safe, fun environment where respect, consent and communication are certain. This is an adult only, RSVP event and requires a small attendance fee.


PolySA Discussion

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This new event may become a regular if it goes successfully. The discussion is run in the format of a ‘heart sharing circle’ where people are encouraged to share from their own experiences and listen without the expectation to respond. This allows people to share without fear of judgment. The event is hosted by an experienced facilitator. This is an adult only, RSVP event. There is no attendance fee for this event. Details are only listed in our private Facebook group.


PolySA Dating

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Run by our Dating group, we have ‘Speed Dating’ and ‘Poly Mixers’ planned for the near future. These are adult only, RSVP events and require an attendance fee. Details will be listed in our private Facebook group, our closed Facebook Dating group, and on this website.


PolySA Picnic

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This end of year event is held in mid-December. All members are invited to a family friendly CBD location. People are encouraged to bring food to share, sporting equipment, picnic rugs, etc. Details of this event are listed on our private Facebook page and on this website. There is no attendance fee.


You can view upcoming events here.

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