Experience Project

Polyamorous relationships do not fit a prescribed mould, they can take many forms from solo-poly, to triads to quads to sprawling polycules and relationship anarchy. This freedom of form can make it difficult to describe what a polyamorous relationship looks like, and what it entails. It can also make finding support and advice for each unique situation very difficult.

The PolySA Experience Project has been created to promote the voices of PolySA community, to describe and explain polyamory in our own words, using our own experiences. In sharing stories, we can all learn and gain greater understanding of polyamory, love, relationships, and the realities of leading an alternative lifestyle. We hope to improve the visibility of polyamory and increase acceptance & awareness of our lifestyles.

Experiences are discussed and shared at our social meetups, and organised according to the ‘Discussion Topic’ of the night. If you would like to add your experience to this collection, please contact the site/group administrators.

Welcome to Polyamory

What does a Polyamorous Relationship look like?

Managing Conflict in a Polyamorous Relationship

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