Joining PolySA

One of the biggest struggles in a polyamorous relationship is finding support, advice and people who understand. That’s exactly why PolySA exists. Whether you need advice from other poly folk or you just want to be able to go out to dinner with all of your partners and skip the judgment/confusion – the PolySA community is here for you.

I’m looking for a polyamorous relationship/s, how can I find polyamorous people who want to date?

PolySA runs a Facebook group specifically for people who want to find romantic connections in South Australia. Click here to join.

How do I get involved and meet other polyamorous people in SA?

We host a social meetup on the last Friday of each month. Occasionally we host other events, such as family friendly picnics or discussion groups.

The easiest way to stay up to date and in touch with members is to join our Facebook group. In order to protect everyone’s privacy, we have two pages. One public, and one private.

Step 1

You can join our private group by visiting¬†our public page. You do not have to “like” this page, however if you choose to please be aware that it may be visible to your Facebook contacts.

Step 2

Then send a message to the page admin, let us know that you’d like to join the group.

Step 3

One of the admins will send you a friend request (don’t worry, you can delete them as soon as you’re added), and add you to the PolySA Secret Group.

It’s a bit convoluted, but it’s the best way to keep everyone safe and protect the privacy of our community. Once you’re a member of the Facebook group you’ll be invited to all of our events.